Undo and redo

The Impress Engine editor keeps track of editing changes in Impress Engine in a history, recorded at the following level of granularity:

Objects tracked:

  • Rows
  • Columns
  • Modules
  • Layout templates and prebuilt rows
  • Saved rows, columns, or modules

Events tracked:

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Move
  • Duplicate

Note: The initial state of the history when you open the editor is Draft created. When you publish or save the layout, the history is erased and the next time you open the Impress Engine editor, the status is once again Draft created.

Examples of editing history

The following screenshot shows an example of the history created with some simple actions in the editor. The sequence of actions is described in the numbered annotations in the layout, matched up with what is recorded in the history.

The dot next to the topmost item shows that the most recent and all previous actions are displayed. As you can see, if you make a number of edits to a row, column, or module at one time, the history shows Edited, so if you undo that item, you’ll lose all of the changes you made within that item at that point.

Prebuilt and saved items are also recorded when you add them. The following screenshot shows the actions that are recorded when you add various types of layout templates and saved items:

Notice that when you add saved items, the “added” action is recorded as well as the addition of the actual row. To remove a saved row, column, or module that you’ve added, you’ll need to backstep two items in the history.

To undo and redo

You can undo and redo either by working directly in the History in the Tools menu or by using keyboard shortcuts.

Access the history to undo and redo

  1. Click History in the Tools menu, as shown in this screenshot.
    You can also see an example of items in the history.
  1. Click any of the items listed in the history and the layout reverts to the layout at that point.
    You can keep clicking in the history at various points to undo or restore layout.

Note: You can’t pick and choose which items to keep: whatever item you select, that item and the ones lower on the list remain in the layout, while the higher ones are removed.

  1. When you’re done, click Done and then PublishSave as draft, or Discard.

Warning: When you publish the page, the history is reset, so you’ll no longer have access to the items that you chose not to keep. If the Save as Draft or Discard your layout, the history remains and you can undo and redo the next time you open the editor. For other implications of saving vs. discarding vs. publishing a page, see this article.

Use undo and redo keyboard shortcuts

You can use the undo and redo keyboard shortcuts to step backwards and forwards through the items listed in Tools > History. The keystrokes depend on your operating system, as follows, or within the Impress Engine editor you can find them at Tools > Keyboard shortcuts.

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