You can add an entrance animation to any row, column, or module when it becomes visible for the first time on a page, with the following animation types and choices.

Type of entrance animationAction
Fade, zoom, bounceIn, Left, Right, Up, Down
SlideLeft, Right, Up, Down
RotateIn, Down Left, Down Right, Up Left, Up Right
FlipVertical, Horizontal
FancyFlash, Pulse, Rubber Band, Shake, Swing, Ta Da, Wobble, Jello, Light Speed, Jack in the Box, Roll In

You can also choose the time delay before the animation begins.

To animate a row, column, or module

  1. Open the row, column, or module for editing by clicking the wrench icon.
  2. Click the Advanced tab and scroll to the Animation section.
  3. Specify a time delay in seconds for the animation to begin. Decimals are allowed.


During the delay period the item will not display, so don’t set the delay time so long that your visitors scroll past the item without seeing it.

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